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Napoleonís first invasion against Italy was in the years 1796-97. After the defeat of Italy, the king of Italy gave Savoy and Nice and three castles to Napoleon.

In the same period he undertook the invasion of Austria. Napoleon crossed the Lodi Bridge and besieged Mantua. He also took Milan. He defeated Austria in the Battle of Arkola and Rivoli. Venice and Lombardy came under the sway of Napoleon. Napoleon conquered Malta and Alexandria and defeated the Darvaish race in the Battle of Pyramids. The English General, Nelson, defeated Napoleon in the battle of the Nile. After this episode, Napoleon invaded Syria but did not succeed in his efforts. Napoleon then returned to France stealthily.

3.5c The Constitution of 1799

The constitution of the year 1800 was framed in 1799 after the regime of the Directory. It was envisaged by Abbe-Sieyes. Napoleon Bonaparte was appointed the First Consul according to its provisions. The old Legislative Assembly hailed the new constitution.

The First Consul with two other consuls as advisers was the repository of all powers. He could appoint the council of the state. The legislature was divided into three parts. The Senate was the uppermost house. It was a permanent body. After ten years, the number of its members was 80. The tribunal membership numbered 300. It was elected for ten years. The Legislative Council had 300 members. It was also elected for ten years. For final assent all the resolutions were referred to the Senate.


3.0 - Introduction
3.1 The Seven Years' War
3.2 Catherine the Great
3.3 The Industrial Revolution
3.4 The French Revolution
3.5 France as a Republic (1795 - 1799)
3.6 Napolean Bonaparte
3.7 Points to Remember

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