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1.1 Things You Need To Know About GRE

Q. What is the GRE ?

A. The GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations. This is a standard examination designed to test verbal, quantitative and analytical skills of the students seeking admission in various graduate and professional schools. The GRE test is given at various locations of the United States and around the world. The GRE is offered in two versions. They are paper-based version and a computer-based version called Computer-Based Test (CBT).

Q. How and when should one register ?

A. For taking paper-based GRE one must obtain GRE bulletin from career placement office or by writing to
Educational Testing Service
CN 600, Princeton NJ 08541 - 6000.
One must register for the paper-based GRE at least six weeks before the scheduled test date. One must submit the registration form by mail.

Q. Can I register online?

A. Yes. You can register on line by Phone or Fax for paper-based General and/or Subject Test. For this you require Visa, Master Card, or American Express.

Q. Where is the test given question

A. The GRE is given five times a year at various test centers throughout the world. A list of testing centers is included in the GRE information bulletin.

Q. When is the GRE given ?

A. The GRE is administered five times a year in February, April, June October and December. In June only the GeneralTest is given. On the other four dates, the General Test is given in the morning and the Subjects Tests are given in the afternoon.

Q. What is the difference between the General Test and the Subject Test questions?

A. In the General Test your general scholastic ability is measured, as you must have a broad, general college background. The General Test consists of three sections:

Verbal : 30 minute session
Quantitative : 45 minute-session
Analytical : 60 minute-session

The Subject Test deals with specific subject matter corresponding to your specific graduate study. It enables admission committees and fellowship sponsors to gauge the applicants knowledge in specific fields of study.

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1.1 Things You Need To Know About GRE
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