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1.2 Computer-Based General Test

Q. What is the Computer-Based General Test (CBT)?

A. The Computer- based test is an adaptive test that covers the same content and uses the same types of questions as the paper-based General Test. This test is also called Computer-AdaptiveTest(CAT). The scores of the computer based General Test are comparable to the scores of the paper based General Test.

Q. Do I need to be computer-literate for CBT?

A. No, you can take the test even if you have little or no previous computer experience.

Q. How long will I be at the testing center?

A. You may have to be up to 41/2 hours at the test center. Two hours and 15 minutes are allotted for answering questions which are scored. The remaining time is spent on tutorials, background information questions unidentified pretest or/and identified research sections, selecting score recipients, and a survey.

Q. How is the test structured ?

A. The following seven sections are on the paper-based GRE test. Each section is separately timed and each is allowed 30 minutes. In each test, there are two verbal sections, two math sections, and two analytical sections, plus a wild card section. But it will not be told which is the wild card section. These sections always appear on the GRE, but in the same order.

Q. How is the test conducted?

A. As you begin the Computer based general test, test questions of medium difficulty are put forth. Which will be the next question presented, is based on how you answered the preceding questions. If you answered the earlier questions correctly, more difficult questions will typically be presented. If your responses have been incorrect, less difficult questions will be presented.

As each questions is scored before you take the next question, you cannot go back and change your earlier response.

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