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4.2 : Analytical Reasoning

Analytical reasoning questions involve an arbitrary set of conditions, such as people standing in a row or choosing items from a menu, or scheduling tours. On the basis of the statements given, you are to make deductions about these relationships. It may be helpful to draw rough diagrams and simple charts while attempting to answer these questions.

Suggested Answering Approach:

1. Read the question carefully.

2. Mark, underline or circle important information.

3. If possible, draw simple diagrams, charts or figures.

4. Fill in the diagram as quickly as possible. Then try to answer the question.

5. Donít spend too much time to complete the chart or diagram.

6. If the question is too difficult or confusing, skip it and try another.

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PART IV The Analytical Section

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Analytical Reasoning
4.3 Logical Reasoning

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