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Specific Heat Capacity (C)

Heat Capacity per unit mass of a substance or the amount of heat required to change the temperature by 10K of a unit mass of substance is called Specific Heat Capacity.

Water Equivalent : (W)

For any given substance the equivalent mass of water W having the same specific heat as the given substance is called its Water Equivalent.

Let H : Heat Capacity of the given substance

W : Mass of water

C w : Specific Heat Capacity of water

\ H w : Heat Capacity of water

H w = W ´ C w

but H w = H

\ H = W ´ C w

but H = mC        m : mass & C : specific heat capacity of a                             given substance

Note : If a unit of specific heat capacity is taken as 1 Calorie / gm ´ 0C, then Cw = 1 Calorie / gm 0C, and therefore


13.1 Heat Capacity, Water Equivalent & Specific Heat
13.2 Latent Heat of Fusion, Freezing, Vaporization and Condensation
13.3 Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

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