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26.2 Reactance and Impedence of L, C, R

The current through ohmic resistance is in phase with the A.C. e.m.f. applied.

The current lags behind the applied e.m.f. by . The amplitude of current is . Hence, effective resistance offered by inductance is wL. This is called the reactance XL.

Thus                  ----- (15)

In contrast XR = R only, as amplitude of a current through Resistance is

The current leads the applied e.m.f. by phase of C and the amplitude of current is,

\ effective resistance offered by the capacitor to the flow of current is . Thus reactance of the capacitor is            ------(18)

To summarize,

(IV) Series L-C-R circuit:

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26.1 R-C and L-R D.C Circuits
26.2 Reactance and impedance of L,C,R

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