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  1. A rod lying on x-axis of a frame S and at rest relative to it has length 1m. What would be its length measured by an observer at rest in S' frame which is moving along the x-axis of S frame with uniform speed of (i) 104 m/s (ii) 106 m/s (iii) 108 m/s?


2. If the helium nucleus is completely dismembered then how much energy would be released?




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35.1 Frames of References
35.2 Galilean Principle of Relativity and Invariance of Newton's Laws of motion
35.3 Galilean Law of Velocity Addition
35.4 Absolute Frame of Reference
35.5 Einstein's Postulates
35.6 Length Contractrion, Time dilation and Relativistic Law of Velocity Addition
35.7 Relativistic Mass and Mass - Energy Equivalence

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