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6.6 Elastic Modules

For the three types of deformation viz. Tensile, Shear and Bulk the elastic modules can also be defined using Hooke's law.

Young's Modulus : Y

The constant ratio of Tensile stress to Tensile Strain, within the Elastic limit, is called the Young's modulus.

Modules of Rigidity : h

The constant ratio of shearing stress to shearing strain, within the elastic limit, is called the modulus of Rigidity.

Bulk Modulus : K

The constant ratio of Bulk stress to Bulk Strain, within, the elastic limit, is called the Bulk modulus :

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6.1 Definition of Elasticity
6.2 Types Of Deformations
6.3 Deforming and Restoring Forces
6.4 Strain and Stress
6.5 Hooke's Law
6.6 Elastic Modules
6.7 Strain Energy

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