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Grouped Data :  

A set of values belonging to different groups.

Histogram :  

Graphic display of the frequency of a phenomenon.

Independent Variable :  

A variable that causes or influences another variable.

Independent Event :  

An event, whose occurrence or non-occurence, doesn't effect the occurrence of the other event in any way.

Inference :  

Conclusion about a population parameter based upon the analysis of a sample statistic (sample being drawn from same population).

Inter-Quartile Range :  

It is the difference between the upper (Q3) and the lower quartile (Q1) inclusive.

Interval :  

A scale, which uses numbers to rank order.

Intercept :  

The value of the ordinate (Y) at which a straight line crosses the vertical axis.

Joint Occurrence :  

An occurrence in which two outcomes happen simultaneously (ABor A Ç B).

Kurtosis :  

It is the degree of flatness or peakedness, in the region of the mode of frequency curve.

Large sample :  

A sample whose size is above 30.

Least squares :  

Any line or curve fitting model, that minimizes the squared distance of the data points to the line.

Leptokurtic :  

If the curve is more peaked than the normal curve it is called Leptokurtic.

Lower Quartile (Q1) :  

It is the size of the 25th observation when the data is arranged in ascending or descending order or the 25th percentile of a set of measures.

Lines of Regression :  

In the scatter plot, if the variables are highly correlated then the dots lie in a narrow strip. If the strip is nearly a straight line then it is called a line of regression.

Level of Significance :  

The probability level below which we reject the hypothesis.

Mean :  

It is the some of the measures in a distribution by their number.


Table - A :Area under standard normal Curve
Table - B :Values of Chi-Square
Table - C :Values of modit

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