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Mathematical Expectations :  

The sum of the products of values of a variable and their respective probabilities

Measures of Central Tendency :  

The descriptive measures which indicate the centered values of a set of observations.

Measure of variation :  

It is the descriptive measures which points out the spread of values in a set of values.

Median (Q2) :  

The value or the size of the central item of the arranged data or the middle i.e. 50th percentile of the ordered distribution.

Mode :  

It is the size of the item which occurs most frequently in a distribution.

Mutually Exclusive :  

Outcomes such that the occurrence of one preclude the occurrence of the other.

Moments :  

The arithmetic mean of the various powers of the deviations in any distribution.

Negative Relationship :  

In a relationship between two variables when one increases the other decreases or vice - versa.

Nominal :  

A scale using numbers, symbols, or titles to designate the different sub-class.

Normal Distribution :  

It is the limiting form of the binomial distribution when the number of trials is very large and the probability of success and failure is very small.

Non-parametric Test :  

Statistical test used, when the population cannot be assume to be normal or when the level of measurements is ordinal or less.

Null- Hypothesis :  

The opposite or reverse of the researcher's hypothesis.

Ogive :  

A graphic representation, that displays a running total.

One-Tail Test (One sided Test) :  

A test that predicts that one value is higher than the other.

Ordinal :  

It is a scale which uses numbers or symbols to rank the intervals are unspecified.

Out-lier :  

The points of the data, that fall far away from most of the other points of the data.

Parameter :  

A characteristic of population.


Table - A :Area under standard normal Curve
Table - B :Values of Chi-Square
Table - C :Values of modit

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