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Percentile :  

It is a value in an order set of measurement, that is calculated on the basis of percentage.

Pie- chart :  

It is a circular diagram which is a circle (pie) divided by radii (like slices of a cake or pie)

Platy kurtic :  

If the curve is flat-topped when compared to the normal curve then it is a platy kurtic curve.

Point Estimate :  

A number computed from a sample, representing a population parameter.

Population :  

A group of phenomena having something in common.

Positive Correlation :  

A relationship between two variables such that when one increases the other also increases or when one decreases the other also decreases.

Power :  

When a hypothesis is fall, the probability that a test will reject the null hypothesis is called Power.

Probability :  

A quantity measure of the chances of an outcome or outcomes of a random experiment.

Probability - Distribution :  

An unbroken ( smooth ) curve which indicates the frequency distribution of a continuous random variable.

Random Error :  

Error that occur as a result of sampling variability.

Random Sampling :  

It is the selection of individuals from the population in such a way that each individual of the population has the same chance of being selected i.e. a sample so selected must be a true representative of its population. This process of sampling is called random sampling.

Range :  

The difference between the largest and the smallest value of a set.

Region of acceptance :  

It is the area under a probability curve, in which a computed test statistics will lead to the acceptance of the null hypothesis .

Region of Rejection :  

Area under the probability (normal) curve in which a computed test statistics will lead to the rejection of the null hypothesis.

Regression :  

The estimation of the linear dependent of one or more independent variables on a dependent variable.

Relative frequency :  

The ratio of a class frequency to the total frequency.

Research Hypothesis :  

The expectation or prediction, that is to be tested by a researchers.


Table - A :Area under standard normal Curve
Table - B :Values of Chi-Square
Table - C :Values of modit

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