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Barron's Booknotes-1984 by George Orwell-Free Book Notes
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_____ 1. Newspeak

A. is a commentary on current events
B. is more ambiguous than Standard English
C. made it almost impossible to express unorthodox opinions

_____ 2. Now that we have reached the year 1984, Orwell's novel

A. seems to have proven false as a prophecy
B. has served its purpose in helping to avert the nightmare world he described
C. remains useful in warning of the consequences of totalitarianism

_____ 3. 1984

A. is an anti-Utopian novel
B. shows the political realities facing world leaders
C. presents a fable of the unquenchable spark of freedom even in an oppressed society

_____ 4. "The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism" was written by

A. Emmanuel Goldstein
B. Big Brother
C. Comrade Ogilvy

_____ 5. The least influential group in the society of 1984 is

A. The Inner Party
B. The Proles
C. The Outer Party

_____ 6. Winston Smith's first act of rebellion is his

A. denouncing O'Brien
B. taking Julia as a mistress
C. writing in a diary

_____ 7. One of the party slogans is: Ignorance is

A. Knowledge
B. Strength
C. Defeat

_____ 8. Oceania is in a state of war

A. to acquire economic benefits through victory
B. to foster patriotism and devotion to the Party
C. to maintain the status quo

_____ 9. Winston Smith's job at the Ministry of Truth involves

A. altering past history to make it conform to Party doctrine
B. investigating those suspected of betraying the Party
C. writing propaganda to promote Party loyalty

_____ 10. The Brotherhood

A. acts as the secret arm of the Party engaged in "internal police work"
B. seeks to overthrow Big Brother
C. provides opportunity for social contacts for the Party elite

11. Write about 1984 as Orwell's political message to the world. Why was it so important to him?

12. Is 1984 successful as fiction?

13. Write about George Orwell's view of sex, and of women in particular, as demonstrated in 1984.

14. How does Orwell use objects as symbols in telling his story?

15. How does the political concept of revisionism enter into the world of 1984?

Table of Contents | Message Board | Printable Version

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Barron's Booknotes-1984 by George Orwell-Free Book Notes

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