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Barron's Booknotes-1984 by George Orwell-Free Book Notes
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_____ 1. Winston Smith meets Ampleforth and Parsons in the

A. Ministry of Love
B. Ministry of Truth
C. Ministry of Peace

_____ 2. Mr. Charrington is

A. a poet apprehended by the Thought Police because he rhymed the word "rod" with the suspect word "God"
B. a disguised agent of the Thought Police
C. one of the three men executed as traitors

_____ 3. The prescribed antidote for Thoughtcrime was

A. Confession
B. Doublethink
C. Crimestop

_____ 4. The laws in the society of 1984 are

A. clearly enumerated in "The Theory and Practice of Oligarchal Collectivism"
B. constantly being explained by Big Brother
C. not written down

_____ 5. O'Brien

A. proves to be Winston's undoing B. is the only ray of light in Winston's dreary life C. encourages the illicit affair between Julia and Winston

_____ 6. The shortage of material comforts and foods in Oceania is

A. blamed by the Party on the war
B. contradicted by the statistics on the telescreen
C. denied by Winston in his discussion with Parsons

_____ 7. Winston's sexual encounter with Julia is considered a serious offense because

A. it followed Winston's experience with the Prole prostitute B. Winston's marriage to Katherine had not yet produced a child for the Party C. both are Party members

_____ 8. The glass paperweight that is smashed by the policeman

A. symbolizes the beautiful, self-contained world of the past
B. is given to Julia as an expression of Winston's love
C. is used as evidence to incriminate Winston

_____ 9. Winston's downfall

A. is a direct result of his attempt to seek privacy
B. is the culmination of a complex surveillance that he has been subjected to since the "disappearance" of his parents
C. can be traced to his belief that he can "beat the system"

_____ 10. The final scene of 1984 takes place in

A. Room 101
B. the cellar of the Ministry of Truth
C. the Chestnut Tree Cafe

11. What is Orwell's view of the common people, as demonstrated by his treatment of the proles?

12. What is the importance of the character O'Brien in 1984?

13. Using what you have learned of Winston's life, write about the differences between the world of 1984 and life in America today.

14. Write about Winston Smith as a person, using what you know about him from reading about him in 1984, giving three examples.

15. WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. What do these slogans mean in 1984?

Table of Contents | Message Board | Printable Version

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Barron's Booknotes-1984 by George Orwell-Free Book Notes

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