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_____ 1. Stephen's promise not to join the union

    A. is made in front of several witnesses
    B. is never fully explained in the novel
    C. was one made by many factory workers
_____ 2. Mr. Jupe's dog Merrylegs represents
    A. love and loyalty that defies understanding
    B. the sick and the aged
    C. animal instinct
_____ 3. Stephen's dreams
    A. convinces him to try to kill his wife
    B. foreshadows his own death
    C. takes place while he is lying in the abandoned mine
_____ 4. Mrs. Pegler returns to Coketown each year to
    A. haunt Gradgrind
    B. find out how Bounderby is doing
    C. take revenge on her son

_____ 5. Tom is eager to see Louisa marry Bounderby because
    A. he knows how much she loves him
    B. life will be easier for him
    C. Gradgrind urges him to support the marriage
_____ 6. Sissy's father abandons her because he
    A. feels that she could manage on her own
    B. doesn't want her to see him age
    C. has an offer from another circus
_____ 7. Mrs. Sparsit's Staircase
    I. symbolizes Louisa's descent into adultery
    II. is an indication of Mrs. Sparsit's obsessive interest in Louisa
    III. leads to a secret room at the bank
    A. I and III only
    B. I and II only
    C. II and III only
_____ 8. Bitzer shows himself to be a prize graduate of the Gradgrind school when he
    I. correctly defines a horse
    II. says that a heart is good for circulation
    III. refuses to take money from Gradgrind for Tom's release
    A. I and II only
    B. I and III only
    C. I, II, and III
_____ 9. Stephen's phrase "It's a muddle"
    A. refers to Louisa's marriage
    B. describes his life in Coketown
    C. is repeated often by Bounderby
_____ 10. Louisa's calm exterior
    A. hides emotions that she rarely releases
    B. is inherited from her mother
    C. reminds Rachael of Stephen's wife's face

11. Compare the characters of Josiah Bounderby and Thomas Gradgrind, Sr.

12. What is the function of Sleary's "Horse-riding" in Hard Times?

13. Discuss the symbolism of the star seen by Stephen Blackpool?

14. Why is Sissy Jupe important to the novel?

15. In what ways is Hard Times an allegory?


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