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_____ 1. The workers of Coketown read

    A. every newspaper account of Stephen Blackpool's death
    B. Bounderby's newspaper column
    C. more books of fiction than books of science
_____ 2. Harthouse comes to Coketown because he
    I. has been asked by the Gradgrind political party
    II. is bored
    III. met Louisa in London
    A. I only
    B. I and II only
    C. II and III only
_____ 3. Dickens considers Coketown
    A. a jungle
    B. superior to most factory towns
    C. to be improving every year
_____ 4. Rachael and Sissy fear that Stephen may be in danger when
    A. Mrs. Pegler has a dream about him
    B. they find his hat in the country
    C. Bitzer acts suspiciously

_____ 5. Stephen leaves town
    A. because he can't find work in Coketown
    B. when he learns the bank has been robbed
    C. to search for his wife
_____ 6. Mrs. Sparsit is convinced that Louisa and Harthouse are lovers
    A. when she sees them talking in the garden
    B. because she hears Louisa accept his proposal of marriage
    C. when Bounderby tells her of the letter he found
_____ 7. "People mutht be amuthed" is spoken by
    A. Slackbridge
    B. Rachael
    C. Sleary
_____ 8. A "whelp" is
    I. the offspring of an animal
    II. Harthouse's nickname for Tom
    III. Mrs. Pegler's pet name for Bounderby
    A. I and III only
    B. I and II only
    C. II and III only
_____ 9. A driving rainstorm creates tension in what scene?
    A. Stephen's departure from Coketown
    B. Mrs. Sparsit's pursuit of Louisa
    C. Sissy's discovery of her father's departure
_____ 10. Sissy is kept from leaving the Gradgrind household
    A. when Gradgrind locks her in her room
    B. by her hope that her father will return
    C. by her deep love for Mrs. Gradgrind

11. Readers often find Stephen unrealistic. Discuss.

12. Discuss the significance of the titles of the three books of Hard Times: "Sowing," "Reaping," "Garnering."

13. Explain the significance of "turtle soup and venison with a gold spoon."

14. Discuss how Louisa is identified with fire in the novel.

15. Discuss the relationship of Mrs. Sparsit and Bounderby.


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