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Distance Formula

1) Distance of a point p (x1, y1) from the origin O, is

2) Distance between two points A(x1,y1) and B(x2,y2) , is

Mid point formula

The midpoint of the segment between (x1,y1) and (x2, y2) is

Which is clear from the Figure 6 and Figure 7

Figure 7

Example Find the midpoint of the segment between (-8, 2) and (6, 4)

Solution : Let A(x1, y1) = (-8, 2) and C (x2, y2) = (6,4)

Let B (x, y) be the midpoint of the Segment AC then

Example Find the length of the median through A, for the triangle A(7, -3), B(3, -1) and C(5, 3).

Solution : Let D be the midpoint of BC. Then the co-ordinates of D are :

Hence, median


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8.2 Relations, Graphs and Symmetry
8.3 Slopes and Intercepts

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