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Figure 6.5 (A) Various stages in Meiosis--I

The various events in M-I are classified into Prophase-I, Metaphase-I, Anaphase-I and Telophase-I. The important features in each phase are described in brief.

Prophase-I : This is the longest phase in meiosis and involves some very important events. Prophase-I is sub-divided into five stages (a) Leptotene (b) Zygotene (c) Pachytene (d) Diplotene and (e) Diakinesis.

(a) Leptotene (Leptonema) : Chromosomes become visible as long slender threads bearing numerous bead-like nucleosomes (chromomeres). These are arranged in a linear fashion along their lengths. The nuclear envelope and the nucleolus are prominently visible. The thin chromosomes are scattered in the nucleus.

Table of Contents

6.0 - Introduction
6.1 The Cell Cycle
6.2 Mitosis
6.3 Meiosis
6.4 Comparison between Mitosis & Meiosis

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