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An introduction to the verbal section is provided below. You will be introduced to sentence completion, analogies, and reading comprehention. Each is a tested seperately in the verbal sections of the SAT.

2.1 Sentence Completion

Questions consist of sentences with one or two words missing.You must choose from a multiple choice list which words(s) best complete the sentence. The first act must be to read the question carefully and try to understand it fully. If you do not know some words try and guess their meanings from the context or break down the words into recognizable parts. Here your knowledge of roots, prefixes and suffixes will come in handy.

With a single blank as well as double blank sentences, try and think of a word/words that should fit into the context. Then scan the choices to see if the word you have thought of figures in these choices. If not, look for a synonym. However do look through all the choices before you actually select one. Try each answer choice in the blank to see which one suits the best.

Watch out for negative words and prefixes like, not and un-. You cannot afford to miss them as they can alter the meaning of a sentence radically.
For instance,
David was not a/an ----- person and hence had very few friends.

(A)    gregarious
(B)    unfriendly
(C)    romantic
(D)    stately
(E)    reticent

The correct choice is (A).

Look at signal words that link one part of a sentence to another. Some of these are: however, since, but, although, because, still, nevertheless, yet, also, and, in addition to, furthermore, etc.
For instance,
The young girls behaved in a silly and ----- manner at their first dance.

(A) handsome
(B) sullen
(C) frivolous
(D) incompetent
(E) pardonable.

The answer is (C); the word "and" gives us the clue that the required word could be a synonym of the preceding word, silly.

In sentences with two missing words, test the first word from each choice in the first blank to see if it fits. This will help you to eliminate some choices.

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2.1 Sentence Completion
2.2 Analogy
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