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1.1 Things You Need To Know About SAT I

Q. What is SAT I ?

A. The SAT I (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a standard test most students take in their junior or senior year of High School. The SAT I scores help college admission authorities gauge a studentís ability but a student's SAT score is not the only factor Authorities use in determining wether a student is to be atmitted. The College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) provides its members - high schools, colleges and universities - with the SAT. The CEEB is also called the College Board. It was basically founded to cater to the needs of its members; needs like the SAT.

You will directly deal with the colleges or universities to which you apply and with the Educational Testing Service (ETS) which handles the SAT.

Q. Is it an intelligence test ?

A. No. SAT I tests your verbal and mathematical skills. Your ability to handle tests is reckoned with. Your familiarity with various topics is put in the grind. Contrary to general belief, these tests do not determine your intelligence quotient. Instead, they test your reasoning abilities and your understanding of math and verbal principles.

SAT I includes both verbal and math questions and tests your ability :

(a)    to understand and analyze what you read,
(b)   to reason logically and clearly, and
(c)   to apply basic mathematical principles to unfamiliar problems.

Q. Does your SAT I score determine your academic success ?

A. No. The SAT I score is just one of the factors, college admission authorities consider during admission. A high SAT I score does not imply a similar performance at college, just as a low SAT I score does not indicate your inaptitude. For instance, some students do poorly on tests despite their capabilities because of the negative factors that affect them on that particular day. Therefore, you need not be in awe of this test.

SAT I follows a standard format

Each test is divided into six sections. Each section is 15 or 30 minutes long. The entire test should take two-and-a-half hours to complete. There will be three verbal and three math sections as shown below. A wild card section (either verbal or math) is also provided in each test. This is just a "warm up" section. It may figure as any section in your test. Your score for this section does not actually count towards your SAT I score. However, you should solve each section as if it mattered to your SAT score.

A 30-question verbal section (30 minutes).

A 25-question math section (30 minutes).

A 35-question verbal section (30 minutes).

A 25-question math section (30 minutes).

A 13-question verbal section solely based on reading comprehension (15 minutes).

A 10-question math section (15 minutes).

A 35-question verbal section OR a 25-question math section known as the wild card section (30 minutes).

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1.1 Things You Need To Know About SAT I
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