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1.5 Types Of Statistics

As mentioned earlier, for a layman or people in general, statistics means numbers - numerical facts, figures or information. The branch of statistics wherein we record and analyze observations for all the individuals of a group or population and draw inferences about the same is called "Descriptive statistics" or "Deductive statistics". On the other hand, if we choose a sample and by statistical treatment of this, draw inferences about the population, then this branch of statistics is known as Statical Inference or Inductive Statistics.

In our discussion, we are mainly concerned with two ways of representing descriptive statistics : Numerical and Pictorial.
  1. Numerical statistics are numbers. But some numbers are more meaningful such as mean, standard deviation etc.

  2. When the numerical data is presented in the form of pictures (diagrams) and graphs, it is called the Pictorial statistics. This statistics makes confusing and complex data or information, easy, simple and straightforward, so that even the layman can understand it without much difficulty.


1.1 What is Statistics
1.2 Uses
1.3 Distrust of Statistics
1.4 Statistics can be misused
1.5 Types of Statistics
1.6 Common mistakes committed in interpretation of Statistics
1.7 Glossary Of Terms

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