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2.2 Tabulation

It is the process of condensation of the data for convenience, in statistical processing, presentation and interpretation of the information.

A good table is one which has the following requirements :

  1. It should present the data clearly, highlighting important details.
  2. It should save space but attractively designed.
  3. The table number and title of the table should be given.+
  4. Row and column headings must explain the figures therein.
  5. Averages or percentages should be close to the data.

  6. Units of the measurement should be clearly stated along the titles or headings.
  7. Abbreviations and symbols should be avoided as far as possible.
  8. Sources of the data should be given at the bottom of the data.
  9. In case irregularities creep in table or any feature is not sufficiently explained, references and foot notes must be given.
  10. The rounding of figures should be unbiased.


2.1 Introduction
2.2 Tabulation
2.3 Classification
2.4 Methods of classification
2.5 Relative frequency distribution
2.6 Cumulative frequency
2.7 Bivariate frequency distribution

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