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5.7 Percentile

The nth percentile is that value ( or size ) such that n% of values of the whole data lies below it. For example, a score of 7% from the topmost score would be 93 the percentile as it is above 93% of the other scores.

Percentile Range

it is used as one of the measure of dispersion. it is a set of data and is defined as = P90 - P10 where P90 and P10 are the 90th and 10th percentile respectively. The semi - percentile range,

i.e. can also be used but it is not common in use.



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5.1 Introduction
5.2 Methods of computing dispersion
5.3 Range
5.4 Mean Deviation
5.5 Variance
5.6 Coefficient of Variation
5.7 Percentile
5.8 Quartiles and interquartile range
5.9 Skewness moments and Kurtosis
5.10 Kurtosis

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