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3.1 Importance of Geographical Discoveries

The geographical discoveries of the 14th and 15th centuries were of immense significance as they helped to usher in the modern times. Further they also changed the course of history. Owing to these discoveries, great power was put in the hands of the European states, illustrating how Europe was able to march ahead, while countries of the East lagged far behind.

Before the geographical explorations took place, contact between the East and the West was established only through land. Adventurous travelers experienced great difficulty in covering vast distances, and spent most of their lives in trying to reach their destinations. Thus discoveries of new sea routes led to great changes in the world.

Though contacts had been established in the past, many countries had remained a closed book to most of the people. However, during the later Middle Ages, several bold and enterprising men of Europe, sailed the unknown seas, and brought to sight the existence of new countries and continents.

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3.0 Introduction
3.1 Importance of Geographical

3.2 Causes of Geographical Discoveries
3.3 Early Travelers to the Far East
3.4 Important Geographical Discoveries
3.5 The Consequences of the Discoveries
3.6 Dates & Events
3.7 Points to Remember

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