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8.1 Meaning

The term 'Industrial Revolution' was first used by the historian Arnold Toynbee, to describe the economic development in England, from 1760 to 1840. Charles Beard gives a good description of the Industrial Revolution, which he calls a great transformation brought about by discoveries and inventions that changed the methods of production and distribution of the means of life and of the economic functions of society. During the 18th century, Britain and Europe witnessed this transformation caused by the mass production of consumer goods with the help of the newly invented machines. The Industrial Revolution thus refers to the transformation in the method of production, from man-made, to machine made goods. Being mechanical in nature, the Industrial Revolution was peaceful. However it proved to be destructive as well as constructive, and indeed very noisy.


8.0 - Introduction
8.1 Meaning
8.2 Features of Industrial Revolution
8.3 Origin of Industrial Revolution
8.4 Course of Industrial Revolution
8.5 Spread of Industrial Revolution
8.6 Consequences of Industrial Revolution
8.7 Dates & Events
8.8 Points to Remember

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