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8.5 Spread of the Industrial Revolution

Though the Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain, it soon spread to Europe and the U.S.A. Thus machines for industry were imported from England, by Belgium, France and Germany. In these countries, bobbin lace machines, textile machines, as well as industries for making the machines, led to the spread of the Industrial Revolution on the Continent. England maintained her industrial lead. However, the French textile manufacturers produced cloth that was excellent in design and quality. So also Germany was renowned for fine metal products. A huge industrial empire was also established in the U.S.A. With further inventions of the automobile, aeroplane, radio, telephone and television in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Industrial Revolution spread throughout the world, where it still continues as an ongoing process in various countries.


8.0 - Introduction
8.1 Meaning
8.2 Features of Industrial Revolution
8.3 Origin of Industrial Revolution
8.4 Course of Industrial Revolution
8.5 Spread of Industrial Revolution
8.6 Consequences of Industrial Revolution
8.7 Dates & Events
8.8 Points to Remember

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