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In the span of the entire World History, the last century (1900 to present day) has been the most dynamic therefore remarkable century. Unprecedented breakthroughs have occurred in all spheres of human interest intellectual, scientific, health, political and religious. Never has conventional thought or theories been subjected to a more critical and skeptical perspective. The level of development of communication has turned the world into a global village. And the pace at which research and development is occurring in every field, more inventions and discoveries are bound to emerge in the future.

Along with the major concerns of the present age: health, poverty, human rights and environment, the threat of war is becoming an issue of worldwide concern. We expect that humanity would learn the lessons that history has to offer, so that the dangers and blunders can be avoided in the present. But this has not always been the case. There was a Second World War although the world had witnessed the devastation of the First. And yet, man today has acquired the potential (nuclear, atomic and biological weapons) to destroy the Earth, not once but many times over! Military aggression and international terrorism is rising in alarming proportions. Looking at these developments one cannot deny the possibility of another world war. Isnít it ironic that today when we boast of being most "civilized" and "modern," the nations of the world have not even been able to come up with a consensus to arrest the production of arms that can threaten the very existence of humanity?






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