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Changing fractions to decimals : To change a fraction to a decimal simply do what the operation says. In other words 3/5 means 3 is divided by 5. So do just that.

Irrational Numbers :
If the decimal representation of a number is non-terminating, non-reccuring type, then the number is an irrational number or a number which cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers (p/q type), is called an irrational type.

For example, 0.10100100010001....., 21.0120340560......, the numbers p , e or all surds like Ö 2, Ö 3, Ö 5 etc.

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1.1 Pre-requisties
1.2 Common Mathematical Symbols
1.3 Some Properties of Basic Mathematical Operations
1.4 Real Numbers

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