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7. 2 Agriculture

Agriculture too witnessed major changes in nineteenth century America: Until 1800, American farmers were using wooden plows and harrows along with other hand tools. With mechanization, agriculture became more commercialized In 1830, John Deere invented a steel plow. Reapers, which reduced the labor for harvesting, were built by Cyrus Mc Cormick in 1848. Mechanical threshers, movers and hay rakes were also introduced. In fact, the manufacture of farm tools became an important industry after the Civil War. Improvements in transportation further helped in the commercialization of agriculture. Various parts of the country started specializing in a particular farm products. For instance, Cotton was the chief crop of the south.

In 1862, The Department of Agriculture was created. The Department provided generous grants to educational institutions which made agricultural and mechanical arts part of the curriculum. By 1870, agricultural courses become an important part of the educational system in the U.S.

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Table of Contents

7.0 - Chronology of Major Events
7.1 - The Growth Of Industry
7.2 - Agriculture
7.3 - Settlement In The West And The Indians
7.4 - Rise Of Reform Movements
7.5 - Women's Rights Movement
7.6 - Rise Of The Labour Movement
7.7 - America Becomes A World Power
7.8 - The Spanish-American War
7.9 - Panama Canal
7.10 - Points To Remember

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