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7. 4 Rise of Reform Movements

A characteristic feature of 19th century America was the emergence of reformed movements. Among various social issues that were focused upon, was the condition of criminals or prisoners. The reformers here, opened reform schools in an attempt to reform schools in an attempt to reform juveniles (young offenders) In 1821, New York state introduced a new system of solitary confinement by night and group work by day. Due to the zealous work done by Dorothee Dix for the cause of the mentally ill, several states set up asylums for them.

Exhibit 7.3
Lucretia Mott

Another important reform movement of the nineteenth century was the Women’s rights movement. The existing laws in America, at that time, did not allow women to vote or hold public office. Married women did not have the right to property. Every thing that a wife earned was legally her husband’s. Due to the courageous and relentless efforts of women like Margaret Fuller, Susan Anthony and Lucretia Mott, many far reaching changes took place. Married women were also allowed to take up hitherto male professions like teaching, journalism and medicine. And in the late 19th Century, American women won the crucial right to vote.


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7.0 - Chronology of Major Events
7.1 - The Growth Of Industry
7.2 - Agriculture
7.3 - Settlement In The West And The Indians
7.4 - Rise Of Reform Movements
7.5 - Women's Rights Movement
7.6 - Rise Of The Labour Movement
7.7 - America Becomes A World Power
7.8 - The Spanish-American War
7.9 - Panama Canal
7.10 - Points To Remember

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