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Chapter 6 : Cell Division

1. Describe the various stages in meiosis - I and meiosis - II.

2. Discuss the process of cell division in mitosis.

3. Compare mitosis and meiosis.

4. Write notes on :

(a) significance of mitosis

(b) significance of meiosis

(c) cell cycle

(d) centriole and asters

(e) cytogenesis

(f) chromosomes

(h) significance of prophase - I

Chapter 7 : Classical or Mendellian Genetics

1. What is the law of independent assortment of characters ? Explain with suitable examples.

2. Discuss the law of segregation using suitable examples.

3. What is a test cross ? Explain using suitable examples. What is the significance of plant breeding?

4. What was the history behind Mendelís experiments?  What material did he use for his experiment, and why ?

5. Briefly explain Mendelism. Why was Mendelís work neglected initially ? Who rediscovered it ?

6. Define the following terms :

(a) Dominant

(b) Dihybrid

(c) Inbreeding

(d) Homozygous

  1. Allomorphs

Chapter 8 : Genes And Molecular Genetics

1. Describe the structure of a DNA double helix.

2. Describe in short various stages in the semiconservative replication of DNA.

3. Describe the general structure of RNA and compare it with DNA.

4. Write, in brief, about genetic coding.

5. Discuss the process of protein synthesis.

6. Write short notes on :

(a) plastids

(b) structure of chromatin

(c) circular DNA

(d) m RNA and r RNA and thier roles in protein synthesis

Chapter 9 : Bioenergy

1. What is biological energy ? Discuss different sources of biological energy.

2. Describe biogas. Discuss preparation of biogas and uses of biogas.

3. Write short notes on :

(a) plants which contain hydrocarbons

(b) energy plantation

(c) producer gas

(d) cropping for energy.

4. What are the materials used for preparation of biogas. Discuss the method of production of biogas?

Chapter 10 : Biotechnology

1. What is fermentation ? Mention various uses of fermentation.

2. What is an antibiotic ? Name any four antibiotics, their microbial sources, and uses.

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