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(x2-1) y = 1

Example 3

Draw the graph of the function defined as

y = x2 when x < 0 ........ ......(1)
y = x when 0 £ x < 1 ........  (2)
y = 1/x when x > 1 ............ (3)

Solution :

i) The point is restricted to move in the IInd Quad. along the curve whose equation is y = x2

ii) Then in the Ist Quad. it moves along the bit of the straight line y = x.

iii) Lastly in the Ist Quad. it takes a turn and began to move along the curve y = 1/x.





1.1 Functions And Mapping
1.2 Functions, Their Graphs and Classification
1.3 Rules for Drawing the Graph of a Curve
1.4 Classification of Functions
1.5 Standard Forms for the equation of a straight line
1.6 Circular Function and Trigonometry

Chapter 2

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