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2.2 Sentence Completion

Sentence completion questions consist of a sentence, a part or parts of which have been omitted. Below the sentence are five letter choices that can be substituted for the omitted parts. You have to select the choice that best completes the sentence. These questions test a combination of reading, comprehension skills and vocabulary.

Suggested Answering Approach:

  1. After reading the sentence, think of the words you would fill in.
  2. Look for synonyms for your words in the answers.
  3. Underline signal words that show a similar or contrasting relationship between the two choices.
  4. If two blanks are given, it is easier to work from the second word first.
  5. Words that sound wrong should be eliminated.
  6. Check your choices or choices by reading them into the complete sentences. This is a good last resort if other methods fail.

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PART II The Verbal Section

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Sentence Completion
2.3 Analogies
2.4 Reading comprehension
2.5 Antonyms

PART III The Quantitative Section

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