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2.3 Analogies

Analogy questions consists of one capitalized word pair followed by five answer choices. You have to select a choice (word) that expresses a relationship similar to that expressed pair. These questions test your ability to understand logical relationship between pairs of words.

Suggested Answering Approach:

1. Read the two given words, concentrating on the relationship between them.

2. Try to classify the words and / or relationship.

3. Note the order of the relationship. It is very important and useful.

4. Look for the positive or negative connotation that the original words may have.

5. In case the words are unfamiliar, try putting them into sentences, or breaking them into parts prefixes, suffixes and roots.

6. Check your answer.

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PART II The Verbal Section

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Sentence Completion
2.3 Analogies
2.4 Reading comprehension
2.5 Antonyms

PART III The Quantitative Section

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