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2.4 Reading Comprehension

In GRE, there are three or more reading passage. Each passage is followed by two or more questions. The passages are of various lengths, ranging from 200 to 600 words. The longer passage will have seven or eight questions, the shorter is usually followed by three or four questions. These questions test your ability to understand and interpret what you read. The questions ask about the main point of the passage, about what can be inferred from the passage and about the authorís attitude or tone.

The common types of questions are those that ask you.

a) about the possible title, main point or idea of the passage.

b) about information that is directly stated in the passage.

c) about information that is suggested, implied, or can be inferred.

d) to recognize application of authorís opinions or ideas.

e) to evaluate how the author develops and presents the passage.

f) to recognize the style and tone of the passage.

Suggested Answering Approach:

1. Mark important nouns and verbs by skimming the question.

2. Go through the passage quickly, read only the first sentence of each paragraph.

3. Read the passage carefully; mark main points; names, definitions, important conclusions, places and numbers.

4. Do not spend excess time on any one question.

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PART II The Verbal Section

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Sentence Completion
2.3 Analogies
2.4 Reading comprehension
2.5 Antonyms

PART III The Quantitative Section

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