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3.2 Quantitative Comparisons

In this section two quantities are given, one in column A and one in column B. You are to determine a relationship between the two quantities and mark:

A) If the quantity in column A is greater than the quantity in column B.

B) If the quantity in column B is greater than the quantity in column A.

C) If the two quantities are equal.

D) If the comparison cannot be determined from the information given.

Suggested Answering Approach:.

1. Before starting work on either column, always read both columns of information.

2. Donít get stuck doing long computations.

3. Simplify the problem, or columns, if you can.

4. Sketch, draw, or mark in diagram if needed.

5. When substituting in numbers, always start with 0,1 and -1.

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PART III The Quantitative Section

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Quantitative Comparisons
3.3 Problem Solving (Multiple Choice)
3.4 Graphs/Tables

PART IV The Analytical Section

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