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3.3 Problem Solving (multiple choice)

This section is designed to test your ability to solve mathematical problems involving arithmetic, algebra, geometry and word problems.

Suggested Answering Approach:

1. Read the question carefully and mark what you are looking for.

2. Make a note of important information.

3. You can draw, sketch or mark in the diagram.

4. If you know a simple formula method, use your method and work the problem out as simply as possible.

5. If you do not know, try eliminating some unreasonable choices.

6. Work from the answers.

7. Try approximating to simplify work.

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PART III The Quantitative Section

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Quantitative Comparisons
3.3 Problem Solving (Multiple Choice)
3.4 Graphs/Tables

PART IV The Analytical Section

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