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35.7 Relativistic Mass and Mass - Energy Equivalence

Relativistic Mass

The concept of 'Absolute Mass' of Newtonian Mechanics is no longer tenable in special Relativity; the requirement that Law of Conservation of momentum is a fundamental Law of nature imposes the relation

then only consistency between the Lorentz-Transformations and Law of Conservation of momentum can be obtained. This expression given relativistic mass m in motion with Velocity V in a given frame of reference; in terms of the mass m0 called rest mass of the object when at rest in the given frame of reference.

Mass- Energy Equivalence

The relativistic mass is necessary consequence of consistency between Law of Conservation of momentum and Lorentz transformations, and Lorentz transformations; likewise the consistency between conservation of energy and Lorentz- Transformation imposes the relation

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35.1 Frames of References
35.2 Galilean Principle of Relativity and Invariance of Newton's Laws of motion
35.3 Galilean Law of Velocity Addition
35.4 Absolute Frame of Reference
35.5 Einstein's Postulates
35.6 Length Contraction, Time dilation and Relativistic Law of Velocity Addition
35.7 Relativistic Mass and Mass - Energy Equivalence

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