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Bulk Strain

The change in the volume to original volume (V) is called bulk strain.

Note: It is obvious from the above definition of Strain, that Strain is just a number without a unit.


The measure of resistance to deformation is called stress. The following stresses corresponding to each type of deformation can be defined.

Longitudinal or Tensile Stress

The restoring forces per unit normal cross-sectional area is called the tensile stress.

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Shear Stress

The restoring force, per unit lateral area, is called shear stress.

Bulk Stress

The restoring force per unit normal area of the surface is called bulk stress.

Since Pressure = Force / Normal Area

Note : The stress is measured in the unit of Newton/(meter)2 i.e., N/m2.

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6.1 Definition of Elasticity
6.2 Types Of Deformations
6.3 Deforming and Restoring Forces
6.4 Strain and Stress
6.5 Hooke's Law
6.6 Elastic Modules
6.7 Strain Energy

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