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1. A steel wire of length 2m is hanging from a rigid horizontal support. How much energy is stored in it when a load of 5 Kg is suspended on it ? If the load is increased to 10 Kg then by how much the energy stored will increase ? Y = 2 x 1011 N/m2, A = Area of cross section = 10 -6m2

2. An enclosed mass of ideal gas has isothermal bulk modulus equal to its pressure, and has adiabatic bulk modulus equal to Y times pressure where Y = ratio of molar Cp to Cv of the gas. State true or false and justify your answer.

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6.1 Definition of Elasticity
6.2 Types Of Deformations
6.3 Deforming and Restoring Forces
6.4 Strain and Stress
6.5 Hooke's Law
6.6 Elastic Modules
6.7 Strain Energy

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