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2) Frequency Polygon:- Here the frequencies are plotted against the mid-points of the class-intervals and the points thus obtained are joined by line segments.


Height in cm. 150 - 154 154 - 158 158 - 162 162 - 166 166 - 170

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The polygon is closed at the base by extending it on both its sides ( ends ) to the midpoints of two hypothetical classes, at the extremes of the distribution, with zero frequencies.

On comparing the Histogram and a frequency polygon, you will notice that, in frequency polygons the points replace the bars ( rectangles ). Also, when several distributions are to be compared on the same graph paper, frequency polygons are better than Histograms.


3.1 Introduction
3.2 Comparison Between Tabular And Diagrammatic Presentation
3.3 Difference Between Diagrams And Graphs
3.4 General Principles Of Constructing Diagrams
3.5 Bar Diagrams
3.6 Pie Chart
3.7 Graphs
3.8 Box and Whiskers

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