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11. The large hand of a big clock is 3m long. How many cms. does its end move in 10 minutes ?


In 60 minutes, the minute hand (big hand) turns through 3600.

12. A Horse is tied to a port by a rope 8.1 meters long. If the horse moves, always keeping the rope tight, Find the distance it will cover when it traces an angle of 700


13. From a circle of radius `a', a sector containing a central angle of 600 has been cut off, and the remainder is folded over to form a right circular cone, find the radius of the base of the cone.


As shown in the adjoining fig. A sector of central angle 600 is cut off from the circle, then the remaining larger sector has central angle


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1.1 Angles (Radians & Degrees)
1.2 Arc Length & Area of the circle
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