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  1. In a circle of radius 9 cms, an arc of length 2 cms subtends angle 'qc ' at the centre. Find 'q' in degrees ?
    Ans :- 400/p .

  2. The area of a circle is 64p sq. cms. Find the length of its arc subtending an angle of 600 at the centre. Also find the area of the corresponding sector ?
    Ans :- 8p /3 cm , 32p/3 sq. cms.

  3. A wire of length 10 cms is bent so as to form an arc of a circle of radius 4 cms. What is the angle subtended at the center in degrees ?
    Ans :- 4500/p

  4. How many degrees are there in a central angle subtended by an arc of length equal to the diameter of the circle ? Also find the area of the corresponding sector?
    Ans :- r2sq. units.

  5. Two concentric circles with centre 'O'. Two radii 6 cms and 12 cms are drawn. A straight line OX is drawn through their centres cuts the circles at A and A'. This line is rotated through 300 and cuts the circles at B and B' on the final position. Find the perimeter and area of the portion between the circles and the line ?
    Ans :- 12.5 ( p - 2) sq. cms.

  6. A governor of a gas engine (fig) is in the form of two arms pivoted together at A. When the engine is at rest the angle between the arms is 220, but when running at 10.9 cms from the ball centre to the pivot. Find the distance between the ball centres of the arms when the engine is (a) running (b) idle.



1.1 Angles (Radians & Degrees)
1.2 Arc Length & Area of the circle
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