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EXAMPLE 6 :If   P  º  (8,2)  and  Q  º  (-3,4),   Find  

Solution: P º (8,2) and Q º (-3,4)

EXAMPLE 7 : A force of 30 N and a force of 10 N act on an object at an angle of 500 with respect to each other. What is the magnitude of the resultant force and what angle does the resultant force form with the force of 30N?


Let F1 be the first Force , | F1 | = 30N

Let F2 be the second force, | F2 | = 10N

Let the angle between the two forces be a, and q be the angle between the force F1 and the  resultant  force F.     Given that a = 500

Using the cosine Law, F2= F1 2 + F2 2 - 2F1 . F2 cos 1300

Thus the magnitude of the resultant is |F| = 37.225N and the resultant force F makes an angle of 11.880 with the force of 30N.


7.1 Scalers & Vectors
7.2 Algebra of Vectors
7.3 Representation of a vector in a plane
7.4 Dotor Scalar product
7.5 Polar Co-ordinates
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