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EXAMPLE 8 : If |R| = 20 units. It is 600 north of east. Find its horizontal and vertical components in magnitudes.


EXAMPLE 9 :Find the components of each of the forces shown in figure.
i) 15 N at 300with x - axis ii) 20 N at 900 with x- axis iii) 25 N at 1350 with x- axis iv) 35 N at 2400 with x-axis, v) 45N at 3000 with x-axis.


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NOTE: If a number of forces are acting at a point, the components of all these forces should be found along x- axis and y- axis separately. Then the components along x- axis should be added by considering their signs i.e. algebraically. Similarly components along y- axis should be added algebraically. These sums are called SFxand SFy respectively. Then the resultant R is given by

R2 = ( SFx)2 + (S Fy)2

The direction of R is found out by the angle. It makes with x- axis in the respective Quadrant. Let it be q then

Procedure of determining R and q

Let F1, F2 , F3 and F4 are four forces acting as shown in the figure.

S Fx = F1 cos a - F2 cos b - F3 cos f + F4 cos q

S Fy = F1 sin a + F2 sin b - F3 sin f - F4 cos q


7.1 Scalers & Vectors
7.2 Algebra of Vectors
7.3 Representation of a vector in a plane
7.4 Dotor Scalar product
7.5 Polar Co-ordinates
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Chapter 8

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