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Example 5 A S.H.M. is given by x = 5 sin (3t + f) is to be split into two components such that one leads it by 300 and the other lags it by 800. Find the components.


Let the required components be given by x1 = a1sin ( 3t + f - 800) and x2 = a2 sin (3t + f + 300). We can solve the equation graphically as shown in the figure.


Example 6 A body is subjected to two S.H.M. as given below x1 = 15 sin (wt + p/6) and x2 = 8 cos (wt + p/3) what harmonic motion, should be given to the body to bring it to 'static equilibrium'?



9.1 The Expression A sin wt + B coswt
9.2 Simple Harmonic Motion

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