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1.7 The Amendment Process

The process, by which the federal Constitution could be amended, is set forth in

Article V. Amendments could be proposed on the initiative of Congress (by two-thirds vote in each House) or by convention (on application of two-thirds of the state legislatures). However, no convention was called under this authority. Ratification could be done, at the discretion of the Congress, either by the legislatures or by conventions, in three-fourths of the states. Only the Twenty-first Amendment, repealing prohibition (in 1933), was ratified by the state conventions.


1.0 - Introduction
1.1 The Continental Congress
1.2 The Articles of Confederation
1.3 The Constitutional Convention
1.4 Key Concepts in the Constitution
1.5 Summary of the Constitution
1.6 The Debate over Ratification
1.7 The Amendment Process
1.8 The Bill of Rights
1.9 Subsequent Amendments (1789-1992)

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