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3.3 Quantitative Comparison Questions

In these questions you may be required to deal with word problems, algebraic manipulations or geometric problems. Here, it is important to remember that only four answer choices A, B, C and D are provided. You will get no marks for marking an "E."

Directions for Quantitative Comparison Questions

Questions 1 - 15 each consists of two quantities, one in column A and one in column B. You are to compare the two quantities and on the answer sheet fill in the oval characters -

A, if the quantity in column A is greater;

B, if the quantity in column B is greater;

C, if the two quantities are equal;

D, if the relationship cannot be determined from the information given.



  1. In certain questions, information concerning one or both of the quantities to be compared is centered above the two columns.

  2. In a given question, a symbol that appears in both columns represents the same thing in column A as it does in column B.

Letters such as a, b, c ... stand for real numbers.

Given below is an example of a quantitative comparison question which involves the understanding of arithmetic mean.

Column A   Column B

             b < 0

             x < 0


A is the correct choice.

Since, b < 0, x < 0

- b - x > 0 i.e. b + x < 0

\ - b - x > b + x

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