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3.5 Do Not Forget

  1. Immediately after you arrive at an answer, enter it at the top of the various columns.

  2. You may use only one box in any column.

  3. Do not bother about the form of your answer. If it is correct, you will get credit whether you express it as a fraction or a decimal. To give you an example, say your answer is one-half, the scoring machine will accept 0.5 as well as ˝ .

  4. You can start a short answer in any column that will accommodate it. But remember, the scoring machine will consider only the filled-in spaces in the columns. A grid with just the numbers at the top will not be considered as answers at all.

  5. Mixed numbers are not accepted by the grid. An answer of 2˝ must be answered as 5/ 2 or as 2.5

  6. The grid does not accept negative answers. This makes it clear that none of the answers can be negative.

  7. Students using a computer program for this test will not be provided with the above grid. All they will have to do is to type in the answers using the keyboard.

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3.5 Do Not Forget
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