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7.1 Introduction

The theory of probability was developed towards the end of the 18th century and its history suggests that it developed with the study of games and chance, such as rolling a dice, drawing a card, flipping a coin etc. Apart from these, uncertainty prevailed in every sphere of life. For instance, one often predicts: "It will probably rain tonight." "It is quite likely that there will be a good yield of cereals this year" and so on. This indicates that, in layman’s terminology the word ‘probability’ thus connotes that there is an uncertainty about the happening of events. To put ‘probability’ on a better footing we define it. But before doing so, we have to explain a few terms."

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7. 1 Introduction
7. 2 Trial
7. 3 Sample Space
7. 4 Definition of Probability
7. 5 The Laws of Probability
7. 6 Conditional Probability
7. 7 Theoretical Distribution
7. 8 Binomial Distribution
7. 9 Normal Distribution
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