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7.2 Trial

A procedure or an experiment to collect any statistical data such as rolling a dice or flipping a coin is called a trial.

Random Trial or Random Experiment

When the outcome of any experiment can not be predicted precisely then the experiment is called a random trial or random experiment. In other words, if a random experiment is repeated under identical conditions, the outcome will vary at random as it is impossible to predict about the performance of the experiment. For example, if we toss a honest coin or roll an unbiased dice, we may not get the same results as our expectations.

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7. 1 Introduction
7. 2 Trial
7. 3 Sample Space
7. 4 Definition of Probability
7. 5 The Laws of Probability
7. 6 Conditional Probability
7. 7 Theoretical Distribution
7. 8 Binomial Distribution
7. 9 Normal Distribution
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